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Luck in the Food Service Industry

March 15, 2019

Not everyone has the “Luck of the Irish,” and even if you have a handful of four-leaf clovers on your side, you’re going to need more than luck to make it past the daily challenges of a busy kitchen.

Did the new employee close down the kitchen properly the night before? Are there enough vegetables and fish to make the evening’s special? Are there too many? Will the timer be set correctly by everyone using the oven? Will anyone drop food onto the floor? How many people, and how much food? Did the new menu item turn out differently than you planned?


A lot of things can and do happen in a busy kitchen, and that activity, that mixture of creative chaos and careful choreography, can lead to wonderful things and amazing food. The key is to take care of what works because when one thing goes down, especially if it's a valuable piece of equipment, your entire operation could be in jeopardy.


With this in mind, it’s worth seeking out those things that you can count on to go right. That’s where we come in.

SECOSelect® equipment is built to survive and thrive in a busy kitchen. It takes the crashes, slams, and rough treatment of the unluckiest day in the kitchen with unflinching reliability. From our light-weight aluminum units to our heavy-duty stainless steel equipment, you can count on SECOSelect®. Give us your worst, and we’ll have equipment that can meet your needs.


Go ahead.


Test our metal.™